Jaxson de Ville

jaxson de villeJaxson has never seen action in an NFL-sanctioned game. He has played in several halftime games against some very tough Pop Warner teams (9- and 10-year olds) and has done quite well. Currently Jaxson is lobbying the league for bigger helmets so he can play next year. Until then, he will remain a starter at his All-Pro position, “Left Out!”. Look for Jaxson to lay some kids out again this year in his annual Mascot vs. Pop Warner game at a halftime near you.

Jaxson has recently completed his 17th straight season as “The Self-Proclaimed Best Mascot in Sports.” His best statistics include most pizzas consumed in one game (56) and the only mascot EVER to perform a double back and a double front flip off of a 200-foot light tower. Jaxson is also the first mascot ever to go overseas to visit our troops. He has never been tackled, sacked, intercepted or blocked – mostly because he never plays (but that’s beside the point). It is also said that he is the most loved and hated mascot in the NFL. Jaxson has hugged and kissed more than 500,000 people during his 7,000-plus appearances over the last seventeen years.

Jaxson de Ville does not have an “off season,” as he does appearances year-round at any event where a 403-pound cat is needed. So give him a call and find out why everyone loves Jaxson!

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